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Food and Beverage 2021 trends

The past 10 months have been so surreal for most and different from anything most of us have ever experienced. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the Food and Beverage industry upside down, globally.

From social distancing regulations to supply chain changes, fast moving digital transformations it’s clear to that things are not the same. These factors have in some way influenced F&B trends for the coming year.

Food & Beverage on the move-over 90% of businesses operated off their premises.

Delivery and to Go orders increased over 20% and online ordering and delivery is increasing 7% more

according to a recent Datassential report.

Personalize the consumer experience

This year, personalization has reached a new level. About 50% of people are willing to wait for a personalized product and pay 20% more according to a report by Deloitte

These consumers base their need for personalization on the desire to be unique. To be able to share personalized content on social media ..creating "instagramable" experiences.

Take away points from this, Food & Beverage businesses and brands should offer a personal, customized experience for customers to participate in. Cake Stock Bakery and food printers, which allows businesses to print images directly on food, beverages in mass is one way to do this. Big brands such as Kellogg's are offering products such as Ugly sweater pop tarts for the holidays .These products are all made in mass using a food printer.

christmas themed pop tarts decorated using a food printer
ugly sweater pop tarts by Kelloggs.Photo Credit Sams Club

Beverages such as coffee and cocktail drinks can also be personalized using our latte and drink printer.

smily face macarons made with our Cake Stock Bakery and Food printer

Holiday themed beverage made with our Cake Stock Latte and Drink printer
Holiday themed beverage

So start the New Year right. Reopen your business and pivot to adjust to these changing trends. Contact us to inquire about a Cake Stock Bakery and Food printer, suitable for your business. From small scale to factory,we have the right solution for your business.

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