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Choc-o-Pic ,printing success on chocolate bars with our Cake Stock Food printer in the UK!

We are really excited about this post. Last April, we met Dina,the fabulous talented owner of Choc-o-Pic at a Cake trade show in London. She told us her ideas and we knew a Cake Stock Food printer was what she needed to make her business vision come true. She purchased our Cake Stock A4 food printer to start her chocolate printing business.

A few months after setting up, she is enjoying tremendous success with wedding favors ,picture chocolates and more. People simply love it!

No surprise, everyone loves chocolate,but one with your clients photo directly printed on it is sure to be a winner. !

Here are a few pictures of her work on dark and white chocolate bars with our Cake Stock A4 printer.

Pictures courtesy of Choc-o-Pic ,UK

With love in the air and wedding season approaching, now is the time for you to offer more products to your clients.

Our Cake Stock A4 Model used to print these chocolates!

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