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Increasing personalized product sales using our macaron printer

Gaby et Jules in Pennsylvania, is a purveyor of fine gourmet macarons, rivaling those in Paris. As one of our bakery clients,we are very pleased to see how they are using our macaron printer to offer more personalized bakery items which will undoubtedly increase their daily point of sale purchases.Scores of bakeries are using our food printers for use on cookies,candy,macarons and so much more. Whilst most focus on the custom order for a wedding, corporate client or special event order, Gaby et Jules is doing that and more by offering already personalized macarons ready to be purchased. So if someone wants to say " I love you", "Thank you" etc, these customized macarons, are already at their counter to purchase. This is a brilliant way to let clients know your stores ability customize products and undoubtedly increase your point of sales..

We look forward to seeing what they do next.

Credit:Gaby et Jules, personalized macarons for point of sale purchase decorated using our macaron printer

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