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We are a company that delivers digital direct  printing innovations, which empower bakeries,confectioners to create, personalize and inspire . We are also driving to provide the business solutions enabling you to start, expand, and build your business brand.

Our success mainly depends on providing consistent and reliable products which can integrate into your workflows.

CAKE STOCK remains the source for reliable and innovative printing products.Our team with its global network partners are dedicated to make valuable products and deliver best services.


Cake Stock's mission is to  assist bakeries, confectioners and bakeries to increase efficiency and productivity of their enterprise by providing the most innovative products.

Whether you are a established  company or looking to start up a  bakery business, to expand your business or to enhance your production cost, Cake Stock will  provide the suitable business solutions for you.

We are dedicated to cater our customers’ requirements in marketing, training and after sales support. Our key objective is to contribute to the success of our customers.


We are proud to have many customers around the world and we look forward to assisting your business .

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