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What is a food printer?

A food printer is a device or printer that uses food safe ink to apply designs,logos,letters,pictures etc directly to the surface of food.

What can a food printer print on?

Our food printers can print on the surface of cake, cookies, candy,chocolate, macarons,donuts and other baked good surfaces.

How does it do this?

The printer prints directly on the surface of the food, no need for wafer sheets or edible transfer sheets.

Can I print on transfer sheets?

Yes ,you can print directly on the surface of a  transfer sheet,wafer paper, fondant sheet or gumpaste.


Do I need any special software to run the printer?

You do not need any additional  special software to run the printer, you can use design software to make your designs to print.   . Color Management .END USER MUST KNOW HOW TO USE DESIGN SOFTWARE SUCH AS ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, SILHOUETTE,ACRO-RIP.GIMP etc  .If you do not know how to use design software to edit images, we advise you get a professional to assist you do so.

What is the edible ink used?

Our edible ink suppliers for our printers are Kosher ink option and non kosher .All edible ink is gluten free.Extra note for Kosher ink Option buyers, you will need to print everyday and perform daily maintenance on your printer, as Kosher ink is very sensitive to drying out and so is our printer.If you will not be printing daily with instructions provided,do not select the Kosher ink option!!

How big is the printer?

We have currently 3 sizes of printers, to fit a small , midsize , factory bakery or food business

What are the benefits of having a food printer?

Read our blog  on the benefits of having a direct flatbed cake printer.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, our printers can ship worldwide.

How soon can I get one? 7-21business days depending on your location

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