Edible Ink set (BL,Cy,M,Y,Light Magenta,Light Cyan)  
6 bottle set, 200ml  per bottle, reg $250 30% off now  $175

holiday sales cake decorating equipment
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chocolate printed on with Cake Stock Food printer

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Cake Stock A4 EL printer 30% off (2 units available)
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Our A4 EL Cake Stock Printer comes with touchscreen tray control and automatic height sensor feature. Maintain your printhead remotely with our Autoclean feature.Includes free 600ml edible ink and free 1 template.

Additional templates shapes can be custom ordered at extra cost

.Basic ideal printer for small bakery, fits on desktop, print 300 cookies /macarons in 60mins

7L Stand Mixer, get 50% off with purchase  of Cake Stock A4 EL printer


with printer purchase $999.50

Cake Stock model A3 EHL(5 units left)

Buy now   $12500 free shipping Reg. price $15600, 20% off discount



Ideal for factory scale bakeries needing more printing capacity.

Print up to 1000+ 2 inch size items in 60mins.

Tray size 13x28 inch

Print  up to 8' inch thickness

Autoclean function,maintain your printhead remotely when printer is not in use.

Includes 2400ml edible ink. BL,M,C,Y,LM,LC

5 templates

12month warranty

available in Blue or  Orange colors and Pink, Lime, Yellow

Use with Windows, Mac OS X 10.x and higher ,Linux

cake stock A3 el colors.png

A4 Cake Stock Printhead 15% off reg $325 Sale $276.25

A3 Cake Stock 10% off Printhead Reg $450 Sale $405

Cake Frosting Machine  reg $999, Sale $699

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