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Does Cake Stock  offer direct financing or leasing?

We are experts in bakery equipment, not financing or leasing. As a result, we have a variety of experienced partners that can provide these services. These include direct lending partners who are able to provide direct funding to customers with good credit scores. This enables us to remain competitive with pricing and offer an exceptional customer experience that is centered around bakery equipment and production solutions.

What are some basic requirements needed in order to obtain financing or leasing?

Our bakery equipment financing partners typically require a minimum of 2 years time in business and a FICO score of at least 640.

Do I have to apply utilizing my personal credit information?

If you do not provide personal credit information, our bakery equipment financing partner can make a determination based upon the credit history of your business. The only time an your personal credit report is effected, is when you opt to apply for financing utilizing your personal information.

Can I receive preliminary rates based on the credit information and FICO scores I provide?

Yes, our bakery equipment financing partner can provide preliminary rates and payment terms based on the credit information and FICO scores you provide. However, final numbers are determined once our partner has run your credit information.

I have less than perfect credit, is financing/leasing still an option for me?

We understand that customers may be in the process of recovering from certain financial difficulties and hardships. For customers with recent bankruptcies, tax liens, repossessions, or other extreme credit issues our partners can seek approval through one of their third party lenders. This is done solely at the approval of the applicant.

Is financing available for used or refurbished equipment?

We do have bakery equipment financing partners that will consider used or refurbished equipment.

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