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Cake Stock Edible Printers are perfect for creating custom edible decorations for cakes, cookies, macarons, and other baked goods. With Cake Stock, you can print over 1000 items in minutes, giving you the ability to quickly and easily make customized treats that taste as good as they look. The edible ink is both safe and delicious, so you can be sure that the decorations you make with Cake Stock will look great and taste great too. With Cake Stock, you can make edible decorations for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings.


Confectionaries &Ice Cream

Calling all  Chocolatier,Candy Makers or Sweet shops,Ice cream or Food factory

looking to offer more personalized 

products. Ask about how our  array of automated tools can make you do so.

We provide candy ,chocolate printers and other industrial food printer tools.

Bakery Solutions

Are you a small our midsize,industrial and factory scale bakery looking to offer more  personalized products? Ask about how our efficient tools can increase your product offerings. We provide cake printers,macaron printers and other innovative tools.

Corporate Gift Boxes and Edible Printing Services.
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Is your company interested in a marketing promotion? Want to send a corporate gift box with a mug and yummy treats featuring your logo? We have an array of sweets-candy, macarons, cookies, marshmallows and more to meet your gifting needs. Need edible sheets printed in mass for your shop or marketing promotion? We can assist you with that. We also offer leasing of  our equipment for a printing project within the United States.

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