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Whether you are about to open a new bakery  business, expand the existing one, or replace some obsolete pieces, you need to think about what you wish to produce, and how much, the size and type of your bakery. These details will influence the specific pieces of equipment you  should purchase. Here at Cake Stock we will help you to choose the right equipment for your small bakery, midsize or large one. Ordering Equipment for your Bakery can be  a challenging one,whether you need Dough Preparing equipment,Baking Equipment, a Display Case for Your Baked Products,Bakery Smallwares also storage equipment like shelving, storage racks, and workbench need to be in your planned equipment list.

We have full set of bakery equipment for your options, even if starting small, and the ability to expand and grow with you.

Contact us about our commercial kitchen  equipment options for bakeries and production plants. 


 SALE $4999

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Cake Stock Rotary Rack Oven

 SALE $24,999


Cupcake Vending Machine

Want your yummy and delightful cupcakes reaching every corner of the city, attracting more customers? Make that a reality with our state-of-the-art cupcake vending machines.


Let your brand be everywhere: At airports, business parks, railway stations, popular malls, and even at cinema lounges. The advantages of this- you have no soaring rents, no staff wages, just revenue.


Increase your revenue at up 30% in a few months.

  • Your bakery items aren't just food; they’re art. Our vending machines come with an intelligent elevator system which  ensures that your bakery creations remain intact, ensuring every customer receives a cupcake or cake, macaron as perfect as if it were handpicked from your bakery.

  • An Engaging Display with our 55" inch display : Swap out the traditional glass front for our vibrant 55″ HD touchscreen. Showcase tempting images, dive into nutritional details, or even play enchanting videos of your baking process. Capture not just attention, but hearts with a high-tech cupcake/cake/macaron/pastry  ATM Vending machine.

  • Intelligent cloud system

  • Stay Connected with each customer: Why stop at a single purchase? Engage your customers post purchase by offering tempting incentives in exchange for their email. effortlessly builds a robust customer database, paving the way for dynamic marketing campaign

  • Multiple ways for payment-More convenient ways to pay-Cash,Credit card,Coin,Electronic payment

  • Smart interactive express payment

  • Customized display with your logo on touchscreen, wrap

  • Store up to 800 pieces

  • Refrigerated intelligent system

  • Video technical support, Free spare parts, Online support

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